Water Softeners

A water softener removes the hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium out of the water. Water softening can be accomplished by an ion exchange which removes unwanted minerals and replaces them with sodium ions. This process dramatically improves the water quality.



Why have a water softening system in your home?

Hard water mineralizes on pipes, counters, and fixtures, which will cause ugly white encrustations and dramatically reduces the ability of soap to clean as well as it should. Clothes will not be as bright as they can be and more shampoo, conditioner, etc. will be required than a home with a water softening system.


What options are available for water softener systems?

Water softening systems can be a salt based softeners, salt-free, dual tank, or magnetic. Each type of system has pros and cons. Talk to your water softener system specialist to find out which system would suitable for your situation. While some families prefer one type over another, it’s the hardness of your water which determines which system will work the best..