Are the pipes in your home old and starting to show signs of wear or indications of a problem? Although problems can happen with any home's pipes, this is a very common occurrence in old buildings.


Do I Need Home Repiping?

Is the plumbing in YOUR home 40 years old or older?

Older pipes will, of course, wear with age. But, more importantly, older homes can have lead or galvanized steel pipes. Those should be replaced immediately.


Do you experience frequent plumbing problems?

Constant clogs, pipe leaks, and low water pressure are all indicators that your pipes are beginning to wear out, meaning it’s a good time to talk to your plumber about the advantages of repiping.


Does YOUR current plumbing network meet YOUR needs?

During the process of repiping, a homeowner has the opportunity to assess his plumbing network to determine if pipes or fixtures need to be rerouted. For example, perhaps the homeowner decides to add or move a sink, reroute existing pipes, or some other project which will enhance the home. Making a home more liveable during the process of repiping is a great opportunity.