Water heater repair

Not all water heater problems require replacement! When a water heater is a newer model and is in relatively good shape, sometimes a repair is the best option. We help guide you through the options and will save you money and trouble if we possibly can.

New water heater installation or replacement

New water heaters come with more options than ever before. When your old water heater gives up, you can trust Frontier Plumbing to guide you through the options to determine the best replacement to meet your needs.


Types of water heaters:

  • Electric water heater

  • Gas water heater

  • Solar water heater

  • Tankless water heater


Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters truly offer hot water on demand without that old-fashioned tank filled with water waiting in the garage all day for the homeowner to want a quick shower! If you want to gear your home toward better efficiency, would like a water heater with lower maintenance, or are looking for a small-space option, a tankless water heater might be right for you.