Six Signs of a Great Plumber

When the plumbing is flowing, it’s so silent and industrious that it doesn’t offer much cause for concern. But, when it fails, it often becomes a nasty inconvenience at best and a catastrophe at worst.

When you need a plumber, it’s often the case that you need one immediately.

The best time to find a plumber is during the small scale problem. The easiest time to find a plumber is when you decide you want a new faucet or to service your water heater. But time is a luxury we don’t all have all the time, so here is a rundown on some of the signs of a great plumber:

1) Credentials

Handymen are great, and we love them, too, because they can do a half-dozen odd-jobs at once. But, plumbing is one of those things that it is better to have someone who is certified. That washer for the sink faucet which your handyman over-tightened might lie in wait until you’re out of town for the weekend, then suddenly burst and flood your home. There is an exponential worsening of problems once water gets out of control.

2) Positive online presence

Consistency is the key. Look for a company that customers consistently rate highly. As with any review system, there may be one or two reviewers who end up unhappy. This is normal in an industry that regularly deals with home crises, but, it requires service people have to give their best effort every day. Constant bad ratings should be a warning.

3) Careful quotes

A plumbing repair is not like giving a haircut. Without knowing the precise nature of the problem, it’s impossible to provide a fair estimate. Of course, that goes without saying that if the problem is pretty straightforward, it shouldn’t be hard to give a quote over the phone--barring the unknown.

4) Certifications

A good plumber will take classes, continuously look for ways to learn new things, keep abreast of new technology and innovation. Plumbing used to be pipes and fitting. Plumbing now is Uponor, sewer cameras, water softeners, and more.

5) Happy customers

Referrals from friends, family, and other pros tell a story. Plumbers who do an excellent job leave delighted customers, and word spreads from friend to friend. A good plumber arrives promptly, finds and explains the situation, repairs the problem, and gets your water back on. A good plumber finds a way to balance the issue of your inconvenience and after-hours service fees.

Even professionals from other trades know better service professionals since they frequently have to cooperate on building sites. For example, if you were to ask me the name of a great electrician, I could tell you straight off the name of one or two who would do nicely.

6) Try a company in a nonemergency setting

If you want to have a plumbing company in your contacts, but would prefer to know more about them before an emergency, the easiest way to do that is to have them come out and do a nonemergency task. Hire them to change out a faucet or install a flex line instead of the standard-issue plastic hose to your appliances. Then, they aren’t strangers anymore: they’re professionals who you know you can trust!

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